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Medical Professionals Report Design

Our system for producing high-quality medical reports has been devised by an experienced orthopaedic specialist with a case workload of over covering from 2500-4000 medical reports a year.  There is complete harmony between the medical requirements of cases we handle and the supporting admin infrastructure as both are supervised by the Medical Expert.

Our Digital Infrastructure follows all Medical Examination Requirements

Our process for creating medical reports is led by the orthopaedic specialist, who is also a Microsoft certified professional, enabling Medico-Legal to be at the forefront of medical IT and deliver a high-quality service based on the client's needs.


Periodic Staff Training

Our staff members are induced progressively into the system operations step by step with further specialised training provided. The modules for training staff members include Sigma-VI Operational Methodology, Voice Coaching, Software Languages (SQL, Visual Basic), Medical Transcription Techniques, Report Processing Techniques, Medical Records Archiving Techniques, Database Handling and more.


Highly Professional Digitalisation of Analogue Medical Records

The medical records are presented to the medical expert in a highly specialised format to facilitate the process of reviewing relevant entries.


Head Office Facilities

The company’s 3500 square feet office complex is well-equipped with an advanced telecommunication facility. The company’s operations are split within various departments such as reception services, appointments management, medical records management, report processing services, medical IT services, clinical liaison services, accounts management, report coordination, dispatch services and medical research services.


Medical Education

Apart from being a leading agency providing medical examination reports, Medico-Legal Professionals is equipped with modern telecommunication systems within its seminar rooms to conduct training seminars, linking the speaker to a distant/remote audience. Various seminar topics conducted by Medico-Legal Professionals include personal injury compensation as well as medical subjects such as spinal injuries, knee injuries, managing poly-trauma patients, management of the critically injured and more. Regular seminars are conducted on-site for the benefit of both medical and legal professionals


Liaison for Clinical Services

Medico-Legal Professionals offers clinical services such as a physiotherapist, clinical psychologist, a clinician (physician or surgeon) for providing recommended treatment, a highly specialised clinician (speech therapist, paediatric psychologist etc), a female physiotherapist (as required by certain patients), radiology or neurological Investigations etc. This facility allows for recommended treatment without delay and to arrange a suitable clinician/service to the claimant in their geographical area for convenience.


We Provide all Related Services for Medical Examinations Under One Roof

By offering all relevant services at a single location, we avoid any interruption to the flow of operational steps required for creating a good quality medical report.

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