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Key Milestones


  • Company founded in 2007



  • MLP inaugurates its  Essex-based office after initial staff recruitment



  • MLP begins departmental training sessions for staff members


  • MLP launches its own Appointment Management System (AMS), a customised software designed for day-to-day company administration and liaison operations


  • MLP deploys a customised Medical Reporting Software on Beta-testing on the intranet server



  • Customer Liaison department sub-divided on geographical basis to meet the need of enhanced collaboration for increasing number of clinics across England


  • MLP shifts the customised Medical Reporting Software from intranet to a cloud server facilitating remote report processors for a faster turnaround time



  • MLP awarded'Best New Business' of the year by London Borough of Havering


  • MLP develops a customised Medical Records Archiving solution, speeding up  the medical records review process


  • MLP operations become greener by developing an instant communication portal via web-interface, minimising the need for paper-based communications 



  • MLP conducts seminars for lawyers in various cities in England giving an overview of our advanced medical reporting system


  • MLP takes apprentices, offering work-experience positions for young, aspiring students 



  • MLP extends the office space to include an In-house Auditorium for training and education seminars



  • MLP enhances digital operations with complete conversion to paperless office using advanced archival technology





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