The company essentially provides the following services:


  • Medical Examination


  • Medical Reports


  • Medical Evidence


  • Experienced Medical Experts


  • Comprehensive Appointment Management 


  • Digital Medical Record Management


  • Prompt Report Administration


  • Post Report Services 


  • Medical Education with Video-Communication Facilities

Medical Reports


Medical reports for personal injury claims (all types of accidents covered). The medical reports are dispatched via email in high quality pdf files within the promised time frame OR no invoice sent if the time scale is not followed by us, as long as the medical records are available at the time of the examination.


Medical Experts


We provide experienced medical experts for medical examinations. A dedicated unit takes care of the relevant medical research to support the facts contained within the reports. Apart from general medical references, specialised references are included wherever needed to support the medical expert’s declared prognosis. 


In-House Facility


In-house facility for all administration related to medical reports; setting up appointments for claimants, setting up clinics for medical experts, providing in-house highly trained professional report transcription services, medical records facilitation services between the source (hospital / GP etc) and the relevant medical expert, medical records archiving and presentation for a detailed review.


Medical Examination


Our team of medical experts have extensive clinical experience and are extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise.  The processing system of our medical reports has been designed by experienced medical specialists backed by Microsoft certified professionals, enabling Medico-Legal Professionals to provide a streamlined and efficient service unmatched by competitors.  We provide detailed and systematic descriptive content including examination-findings.  A standard report with two physical ongoing symptoms would be around 20 pages plus.


Post-Examination Services


Liaison Unit for arranging post-report services, e.g: Physiotherapy, Diagnostics, Operative treatment, specialty referrals etc. Medico-legal Professionals can arrange clinical expertise from physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and clinicians (physician or surgeon) for providing recommended treatment.

Orthopaedic Surgeons


Our system for providing high quality medical reports has been created and implemented by an experienced orthopaedic specialist with a case work load of over 4000 medical reports a year. There is a complete harmony between the medical requirements and the supporting admin infrastructure as both are supervised by the Orthopaedic Specialist. 

Our Services