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Converting your practice to Online Tele-video Examinations

The recent Covid pandemic necessitated a faster revolution in most service industries, including medical practices.

To continue providing care, the healthcare workers conformed to their methodology of delivery of outpatient care, leveraging the true potential of Telemedicine.

In this article, the author presents a brief audit of his multi-centric private Orthopaedic Practice in England, adjusted to the challenge of social distancing and lockdown through several waves of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The author has been conducting Virtual Orthopaedic Examinations and Teleconsultations over his self-designed Clinical Telemedicine Software for more than 5 years. Complying with the UK Government's Social Distancing law, he converted his pre-Covid outpatient practice at 15 Medical Examination venues across England to an Online Video Medical Examination version since April 2020, an experience which he shares in the form of a brief practice audit for the purpose of education and record.

This brief audit summarises the author's Orthopaedic Injury Assessment workload taken up during various lockdowns necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic from April 2020 onward to 31st December 2021.

Stats for 1033 Virtual Medical Appointments

Female patients (434): 42%

Male patients (599): 58%

Minor claimant, accompanied by an adult guardian (30): 02.92%

Follow up Appointments (117): 11.32%

Assisted by Online Interpreter (20): 01.94%

Did not attend (54): 05.25%

Virtual Examination Software used for 1033 Teleconsultations

Conducted on the company’s Telemedicine Software: 93%

Conducted on WhatsApp Video Call: 6%

Conversion from Telemedicine Software to WhatsApp: 0.50

Teleconsultations abandoned due low connectivity: 0.33

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Disclaimer: The article is published here with the intent to promote knowledge and facilitate education, without any monetary benefits intended.


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