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Attributes of Medico legal Reports

The medical reports provided by Medico-Legal Professionals express high quality attributes such as:

  • Dispatch Times: The medical reports are dispatched via email in high quality pdf files within the promised time frames as long as complete medical records are available at the time of the examination.

  • Reports produced by MLP are cost-effective for solicitors as foreseeable questions are mostly answered within the main report, as opposed to answering them as addendums. This solution has been meticulously designed so that solicitors don’t have to ask for clarifications or additional questions regarding the critical area of the claim.

  • Our extensive experience in processing high volumes of reports has helped us streamline report contents into relevant sections of special attention or sensitivity.

  • Our reports are both informative and clear. Aside from formatting our reports in a way that is easy to read, the content includes graphical illustrations, images,and diagrams where necessary in order to offer elaboration on the medical facts contained within our reports.

  • We included relevant medical evidence related images in our reports. Our team is deditcated to including the relevant medical evidence in image formate to illustrate the salient findings vividly. This means that our reports have ready to review medical images, should a detailed insight be required by any of the involved parties.

  • We include accident related images in our reports. Our report processing team ensure that the relevant images to illustrate the accident related evidence are included (if available). Ths helps the involved parties understand the biomechanics of the injury.

  • We include relevant medical research. A dedicated unit takes care of the relevant medical research to support the facts contained within the reports. Aside from general medical references, specialised references are included wherever needed to support the medical expert's declared prognosis.

  • Quality control is at the heart of what we do. Meticulous quality checks, both manual and electronic are in place to follow the company ethos of prodcing high quality, professional medical reports. Our detailed step-by-step quality check ensures accuracy and saves time for solicitors, preventing the need for amendments.

  • We compose medical reports with visual presentation and legibility in mind. The layout of our reports is resarch based for its presentation and readability, designed by instructor level Microsoft certified professionals in medical document format. This feature facilitates a quick grasp, easy understanding and fast review of medical reports.

  • We offer detailed and systematic description. Contents including symptom elaboration, losses sustained, treatment received, examination findings and prognosis/recovery period are laid out in step-by-step fashion to facilitate quick and easy understanding.

Disclaimer: The article is published here with the intent to promote knowledge and facilitate education, without any monetary benefits intended.

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